Province Government (Pradesh Government) Samajik Bikash mantralaya published a vacancy notice for various posts and levels. State Government, PROVINCE NO. 2 Ministry of Social Development, Directorate of Health notice About inviting applications for a service contract

Nepali citizens who are qualified for the proper and effective treatment management of the patients infected with the current Covid 19 epidemic are invited to apply by filling the form prescribed by the office along with a copy of their certificate.

Age: Must have completed 18 years and not reached 40 years.
Type of Exam: Interview
Last date for submission of application: 2078/01/27 can be sent during office hours.
Place to submit application: Kalaiya Hospital, Bara, Kalaiya.
Exam Date and Place: Tuesday, 2078/01/28
JOB Vacancy Posts are:
1. Consultant General
2. Medical Officer
3. Staff Nurse/ Paramedics (HA/AHW)
4. Anesthesia Technologist
5. Computer Operator
6. Sweeper

The applicant must not have been disqualified by law.
Personal details of the candidate to be involved in the application, copy of educational qualification certificate, copy of Nepali citizenship certificate and copy of expired council registration certificates and 1 copy of passport size photo.

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