Pradesh Government Lumbini published a higher education ( Uchha Shiksha) scholarship application open notice. Information regarding higher education scholarships. As the following scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate (Bachelor & Master Level) students in the campuses under the province, verify the type of scholarship to be obtained from the respective campuses along with the required documents.

1. Details of scholarships available to students studying higher education on community campuses
(A) Dalit Student Scholarship
(B) Janajati Student Scholarship
(C) Women Student Scholarship
(D) Muslim Student Scholarship
(E) Conflict Victims (Dwanda Pidit) Scholarships
(F) Scholarship for the children of martyrs ( Saheed Family)
(G) Marginalized Student Scholarship
(H) Minority Student Scholarship

2. higher education scholarships for students from marginalized and endangered castes.
Basis for receiving scholarship:
Students from the most marginalized and endangered Dum, Mushar and Chamar communities who have graduated first class from community college and passed class 12 first class and obtained GPA of 2.8 GPA or above according to the alphabet system should be certified by the concerned body.

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