Nepal Electricity Authority recently published the new electricity tariff rate. All the New Electricity Tariff rates are given below.
Information regarding determination of electricity tariff rate of consumers under Electricity Regulatory Commission Nepal Electricity Authority.

Study, discussion and analysis in accordance with the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 2074, Electricity Regulatory Commission Rules, 2075 and Electricity Consumer Tariff Directive, 2076 on the proposal submitted by Nepal Electricity Authority to determine electricity tariff for consumers (including consumers belonging to community wholesale consumers). Taking into account the opinions, suggestions and responses of the stakeholders received from public hearings (e-hearing), emails, letters and telephones organized using information technology, the meeting of the Commission has fixed the date to be applicable to electricity consumption from Mangsir 2078. The electricity consumer tariff rate has been published for the information of the general public and stakeholders.

Electricity New Price Rate Bijuli Bidyut New Price Rate Mahasul Dar

Click Here to Download All the New Rates of Electricity by NEA….published soon