CIAA ( Commission for Investigation of Abuse Authority) Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Aayog published notice regarding Essay Competition (Nibandhan Pratiyogita) . All School students are requested to participate in essay competition through online email. Regarding the essay competition. As the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority is going to organize a detailed essay competition on the occasion of its establishment day, it is requested that the students of your school participate in the competition.

Title of the essay:
“Virtue and Good Governance in Nation Building” (in 2000-3000 words).
Prizes: First, Second, Third and Consolation Prizes of Rs.10,000 / – Rs.7,500 / – Rs.5000 / – and Rs.3000 / – respectively.
Competitors: Students studying up to secondary level (upto Class-12 students).
Documents to be submitted by the contestants along with their essay: Letter of recommendation to be a regular student of the concerned school.
Email Address: Office Email to submit essays:
Language of the essay: Nepali (clearly handwritten or typed)
Last date to provide the essay: 2077/09/20

The first and second essays will be sent to the Central Office of the Commission. Contact no. For more information. 071-540031 and 9857063146.