Sahakari Sanstha Khareji closed dissolution notice by Local Level Office. Metropolitan Municipality, City Executive Office, Bagmati Province, Nepal. Local Level Notice regarding dissolution of Co-operative Societies. If it is not possible to achieve the objectives and tasks mentioned in the regulation of an organization in the section 66 of the Cooperative Act of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, 2075, and if it is not possible to benefit the members, by the decision of the immediate 2-thirds majority of the members of the general meeting, the decision to dissolve such an organization and for the approval of the cancellation of registration.

The committee can submit an application to the registering officer. Registered and operated in this office Mr. Senior Citizen Health Service Cooperative Society Ltd. respectively. 2502/066/067 Ward no. 5 Kathmandu and Sukus Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. 1937/065/066 Chawhil Kathmandu has submitted an application dated 2079/10/09 and dated 2080/01/30 for approval of cancellation of registration.

As per the regulations of the organization, this notice has been published for the cancellation of the registration of the said organizations as they are not operating at present. If there are any arrears including the liabilities to be paid by the said institution and the debt to be collected and if any loan has been taken as collateral from these institutions or if any savings have been made in these institutions, the person taking the loan or saving in these institutions is informed to contact this department within 15 days from the date of publication of the notice based on this notice. Otherwise, it is informed that the department will not be responsible for any claims after cancellation.

Details of Dissolution Kharej cooperative Names

  1. Shree Jestha Nagarik swasthya Sewa Sahakari Sanstha
  2. Sukash Bachat tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha

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