Nepalese returning from foreign employment will be allowed to bring 2 mobile phones. If you are coming from abroad, you can bring two mobile phones.  Earlier, there was only one mobile that could be brought after completing the customs process. Mobile Phone Tablet Laptop Digital Device New Rule in Nepal.
Nepali citizens who have been working abroad for at least 6 consecutive months after receiving labor approval are now allowed to bring one more new cellular mobile phone with them.

In the cabinet meeting, the government has given the facility to those who have returned after working for 6 months abroad to bring a total of 2 mobile phones. It is believed that Nepalis who have gone for foreign employment can benefit from this.

The government has arranged that Nepali citizens coming from foreign employment can bring a maximum of two mobile phones with them. The Minister of Communication, Information and Technology Rekha Sharma informed that the meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to amend the Jhitigunta regulations and arrange to bring a maximum of two mobile phones with them.

How Much Mobile Phone Tablet PC Laptop Digital Device Gold Silver Take to Nepal

Customs duty exemption for Nepali travelers returning from abroad: (1) A Nepali citizen who is a permanent resident of Nepal and returning to Nepal from abroad will be exempted from customs duty on all or any of the following goods brought with him for personal use or sent by himself or later:-

  • Mobile Phone Set- 2 Pcs
  • Tablet Device- 1 Pcs
  • Laptop/ Desktop PC- 1 Pcs
  • Watch- 1 Pcs
  • Camera- 1 Pcs
  • Video Camera- 1 Pcs
  • Pendrive-1 Pcs
  • Gold Jewellary- upto 50 Gm
  • Silver Jewellary- upto 500 Gm
  • Jewellary Item- upto NRS 100000 Price
  • Gold ornaments up to fifty grams, 
  • Silver ornaments up to five hundred grams and jewelery up to one lakh rupees worth of gold or silver studded jewelery guria,
  • Clothes, furniture, old household goods,
  • Patients who have returned from drug treatment medicine brought
  • Goods used as aids by physically disabled passengers,

According to the previous arrangement, it was allowed to bring only the mobile phone that you are using with you. Due to this arrangement, complaints were received that many mobile phones were confiscated at the Tribhuvan Airport Customs Office.

How to Register MDMS New Mobile in Airport

After the implementation of this decision of the Council of Ministers, you will be able to bring your current mobile phone and one more mobile phone. Minister Sharma said that the Ministry of Communication and Labor will do the necessary homework and implement this system soon. Also, the cabinet meeting has decided to implement MDMS as well.

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