Police Inspector Janapad, Police Prahari Nirikshak, Police Sahayak Nirikshak ASI Job Vacancy notice pubilshed by Nepal Police Head Office. Nepal Police published the vacancy notice for all posts in various numbers. As the vacant post of Inspector Prahari Nirikshak Jawan Helper in Nepal Police has to be filled through open competition as per the inclusive provision, applications are invited from interested Nepali citizens who have attained the following qualifications by affixing a ticket.

Nepal Police asked for 96 inspectors and 260 assistants. The recruitment of Police Inspector (Inspector) and Police Assistant Inspector (Asai) of Nepal Police is open. The police headquarters has published a notification and invited applications for 96 inspectors and 260 constables.

Nepal Police Job Vacancy Application Open for All. Interested candidates can apply job application for Nepal police by following given details.

Nepal police Inspector nirikshak & Sahayak Nirikshak ASI vacancy number increased notice

Out of 96 inspectors, 52 will be selected from open, 2 from immortal/disabled families. In terms of inclusiveness, 9 women, 12 tribals, 13 Madheshis, 6 Dalits and 2 from backward areas will be selected. Similarly, out of 260 Asais, 140 will be selected from the open and 5 will be selected from the immortal disabled police family.

23 women, 36 tribals, 33 Madheshis, 17 Dalits and 6 from backward areas will be selected from Asai inclusion. It has been arranged that the application can be submitted online to the inspector, while the police head office has informed that the person should be present in person to submit the application at the Asai.

Total increased job vacancy number:
Prahari Sahayak nirikshak ASI- 96 number
Police Inspector- 260 number
Last Date To Apply: 2080 Mangsir 29

The time for application is fixed from Kartik 19th to Mangsir 29th. 1 thousand 200 revenue will have to be submitted to the inspector. Applying in more than one group will incur an additional fee of 20% or Rs. 240 for each group. On the other hand, if more than one group is added for revenue of 500 rupees, an additional fee of 100 rupees will be charged for each group.

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