PTAP Pakistan Technical Assistance Program published the notice regarding PTAP Scholarship for MBBS, BDS & Diploma Pharmacy. PTAP Scholarship application is open for Nepalese citizenship students to study MBBS, Bachelor Dental Surgery & Diploma Pharmacy. With the cooperation with Pakistan Government and Nepali Government.

Notification regarding submission of applications for medical education undergraduate scholarships received from the government of Pakistan to the government of Nepal. Candidates have to apply for only one academic program. All the online application procedure details are given below.

PTAP Pakistan Government Scholarship for MBBS, BDS & D Pharmacy Apply Now

  1. Candidates have to apply for only one academic program.
  2. After being nominated for this scholarship program, they will not be allowed to participate in the matching process conducted by the Commission, therefore, only interested candidates should apply.
    You are informed not to do it.
  3. A letter received from the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology regarding detailed information regarding the scholarship (transportation expenses, food and lodging expenses etc.) is attached herewith.
    It is also requested to get information about other necessary topics and participate in the process clearly.

PTAP Scholarship: Conditions for admission

  1. Seats for foreign students are available in the institutions throughout Pakistan and the placement of students is done by EAD on the basis of merit, choice of the students, and the availability of slots. Moreover, institutions are not bound to entertain the students after the expiry of their prescribed deadline,
  2. The general eligibility / final selection of students will be made by the institutions concerned keeping in view their admission criteria. 
  3. Eligibility of students in terms of equivalence of certificates and grades will be determined by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). Islamabad. Concerned Embassies/students are bound to submit their equivalence certificates issued by IBCC, Islamabad along with their application forms. ) 
  4. The students admitted under PTAP will be required to pay the prescribed fee applicable under the Program to the institution concerned. Expenses on traveling, boarding & lodging etc. are also to be borne by students themselves, 
  5. Migration from one institute to another shall be governed by the relevant policy of the institutions concerned. 
  6. Exemption from tuition fee and other dues will be dealt as per policy of the institutions concerned. 
  7. Updated/latest application form which can be downloaded from EAD’s website, should be preferably typed or printed and submitted in quadruplicate, along with the attested copies of the following documents:
  8. Online application form to be filled by the person who wants to study in the scholarship provided by the Government of Pakistan under PTAP
  9. Last Date to Apply: 2079/04/16
  10. Scholarship Apply Process: Online Application ( Online Application Form Submit Link are given below)

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