Jadibuti Utpadan Production Prasodhan Company Job Vacancy notice regarding given posts and levels. Herbs Production & Co Ltd job vacancy notice update. HPCCL was established in 1981 as an undertaking of the Government of Nepal. HPPCL is the first Nepali company to harvest, process and promote the country’s MAPs to produce medicinal extracts and essential oils for pharmaceutical, food, and beauty and wellness industries, both within Nepal itself and abroad. Due to HPPCL’s initiatives and contribution in MAPs sector, number of other private sectors businesses gradually evolved. The production is based on thorough research on the use of MAPs.

The company owns about 500 hectors of land in Tarahara, Belbari, Tamagadhi, Mahendranagar, and Tikapur for the cultivation of MAPs and four processing plants in those regions.

Introduction of Jadibuti Utpadan Prasodhan Company Herbs Production & Co Ltd

For thousands of years, herbs have been used around the world to heal, to cook, and to support beauty and overall wellbeing. It is no different in Nepal where Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) and herbs are highly valued forest products that have been traded for centuries with neighboring countries, including for use in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. So far, out of 2,000 types of MAPs, more than seven hundred varieties of MAPs have been identified in Nepal with commercial value.

What is different from other countries, is that many of these varieties are found in the Himalayan mountain ranges, at high altitude, or in the foothills, adding to their distinct nature and usability. These MAPs stand out among others for the way in which they grow, are harvested, and processed.

At HPPCL, we believe that MAPs have a high commercial value, but this can and should be done as part of a sustainable business model. We go beyond mere sustainability, by having a vision that HPPCL will only be successful as an enterprise when it not only keeps the environment intact, but restores and improves the environment; when we provide dignified employment to local communities that have traditionally been living in the areas where the MAPs are cultivated and provide them with a fair income; and when we actively engage those same communities to build upon the knowledge they have used for centuries. We believe in a business model that empowers local communities as productive and included members of society, who have a say about their future and the future of the next generations.