Bhumi Samasya Samadhan Aayog ( Land Issue Resolving Commission) published a notice regarding land applications open for Landless people. For the landless people of the given province Pradesh & Local level citizens are requested to apply for land.

The Government of Nepal, Land Issue Resolving Commision ( Land Problem Solving Commission) Bhumi Samasya Samadhan Aayog – Thirty-five days notice for landless dalits, landless squatters and unorganized settlers to apply.

Bhumi Samasya Samadhan Aayog Application Open for Land Less ( Land application for Landless)

Application Open: 2078 Magh 18 to 2078 Falgun 23

Previously Published notice by Bhumi Samasya Samadhan Aayog (just for information)

Bhumi Samasya Samadhan Aayog Application Open for Bhumihin Dalit, Bhumihin Sukumbasi & Abyabasthit Basobas
Pradesh No 1:
Siddhicharan Municipality, Khijidemwa Municipality, Chishankhugadhi Municipality, Likhu Municipality, Suryoday Municipality, Maijogmai Gaonpalika, Sandakpur Gaonpalika, Fakphokathum Gaonpalika, Rong Gaonpalika, Phalelung Gaonpalika, Yangwarak Gaonpalika, Kummayak Gaonpalika, Falgunanda Gaonpalika, Kepilasgadhi Gaonpalika, Rawa Besi Gaonpalika, Atharai Gaonpalika, Chhathar Gaonpalika, Menchyayem Gaonpalika, Duhavi Nagarpalika, Barju Gaonpalika, Dewanganj Gaonpalika, Koshi Village Municipality, Mahalakshmi Municipality, Sahidbhoomi Village Municipality
Pradesh No 2:

Maulapur Municipality, Katahariya Municipality, Baudhimai Municipality, Vrindavan Municipality, Ishnath Municipality, Rajdevi Municipality, Madhavnarayan Municipality, Gujra Municipality, Yamunamai Municipality, Durga Bhagwati Municipality, Malangwa Municipality, Godaita Municipality, Vishnu Municipality, Ganeshman Charnath Municipality, Jagarnathpur Municipality, Chhipaharmai Municipality
Bagmati Pradesh :

Dhulikhel Municipality, Banepa Municipality, Panauti Municipality, Namobuddha Municipality, Mandandeupur Municipality, Bagmati Panchkhal Municipality, Khanikhola Municipality, Bhumlu Municipality, Chaurideurali Municipality, Mahabharat Municipality, | State Bagmati Municipality (Lalitpur), Konjyosom Municipality, Mahankal Municipality, Kailash Municipality, Bidur Municipality

Lumbini Province:
Rolpa Municipality, Sunilsmriti Municipality, Sunchahari Municipality, Gangadev Municipality, Lungri Municipality, Lumbini Runtigadhi Municipality, Parivartan Municipality, Thabang Municipality, Triveni Municipality, Madi Municipality, Marchwari. State Village Municipality, Sandhikharka Municipality, Shitganga Municipality, Bhumikasthan Municipality, Chhatradev Village Municipality, Panini village municipality, Malarani village municipality
Karnali Pradesh :

Kharpunath Municipality, Simkot Municipality, Namkha Municipality, Sarkegad Municipality, Tajakot Municipality, Karnali Adanchuli Municipality, Chankheli Municipality, Dullu Municipality, Athabis Municipality, Thatikandh Municipality, Pradesh Khandachakra Municipality, Chhayannath Rara Municipality, Mugum Karmarong Municipality, Soru Municipality, Khatyad Municipality, Athabiscot Municipality, Sanivheri Municipality, Banfikot Municipality, Sinja Municipality, Hima Municipality, Tila Municipality, Kankasundari Municipality, Patarasi Municipality
Sudur Paschim Pradesh:

Mahakali Municipality, Shailyashikhar Municipality, Malikarjun Municipality, Lekam Municipality, Marma Municipality, Apihimal Gaonpalika, Naugad Gaonpalika, Duhun Gaonpalika, Vyans Gaonpalika, Jaya Prithvi Nagarpalika, Bungal Sudurpaschim Nagarpalika, Bithadchir Gaonpalika, Kedarsyu Gaonpalika, Thalara Gaonpalika, Chhabispathibhera Gaonpalika, | Durgathali, Khaptadchhanna, Surma, Saipal, Mashta, Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality, Shikhar Municipality, Adarsh ​​Village Municipality, K.I. Singh, Jorayal, Purvichowki, Badikedar, Bogtan Foodsil, Sayal Gaupalika

Bhumihin Dalit, Bhumihin Sukumbasi, Abyabasthit Basobas Jagga Aabedan Notice

Land related problem solving commission to provide land to landless dalits and landless squatters. For the purpose of managing the unorganized settlements, the following local level landless dalits, landless squatters and unorganized settlers have been informed to submit the application form to the local level within 35 days from the date of publication.

Just distribution and sustainable management of land is essential for achieving social justice and improved living standards of landless section of population including dalits, squatters, and informal settlers. Proper management of land is crucial for safeguarding the fundamental rights like food, shelter, and freedom of the citizen. It is also equally important to resolve pending land related issues existing for ages so that affected population at the local level have the opportunity to consider themselves as beneficiaries of democracy and get the required support in the overall economic and social development of the country.

Constitution of Nepal has a provision that Government of Nepal will make arrangements to distribute land to landless dalit, and identify and distribute residential land for housing and agricultural land for livelihood to the freed-kamaiya, kamalari, harawa-charawa, and squatters. Further, it is important to ensure appropriate management of available land to materialize the spirit of constitution to rehabilitate these communities, and ensure sustainable use of land and safeguard farmer’s right over agricultural land.

In this context, as per the provision in the clause 52.B (6) of Land Related Act, 1964, Government of Nepal has formed the Land Related Problem Solving Commission (LPRSC) with mandates to provide land to the landless squatters and manage the informal settlers. . The tenure of this commission is for 3 years.

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