SEE Result 2078 will be published by Last Shrawan. SEE Result 2078 result published date update. The National Examination Board (NEB) has informed that the final results of the Class 10 Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be released by Shrawan Last.

The Education Development and Coordination Unit in the district has not been able to update the details of the students so far and the publication of results has been postponed for a few days due to floods and landslides in different districts.

Looking at the internal preparations of the board, it is expected that the students of SEE will start studying in class 11 in Bhadra. It is seen that the class will be conducted only from Bhadra if it takes time to publish the results by Last Shrawan. Earlier, the board had started teaching class 11 from Bhadra 15.

While the results of SEE have not been made public, the secondary schools teaching classes 11 and 12 have started pre-registering students in class 11. It has been found that students are pre-registered to get information about their enrollment and study subjects. It has been claimed that pre-registration will be useful to enroll the students in the indigenous educational institutions in the absence of formal classes of class 11 for another month.