NAST Science & Technology Prize Award Application Open. Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (NAST) published a application open notice for various faculty prizes. NAST provides various prizes every year in the field of Nature Environment & Science technology faculty. 

Call for applications for various science and technology awards – As the following awards have to be given on the basis of outstanding contribution and talent for the year 2078 BS, application / nomination has been invited from the concerned person or organization.

NAST Nepal Science & Technology Prize Award List- Apply NAST Prize Award

  1. Science and Technology Wisdom Award
  2. VC National Innovation Award
  3. Science Award Technology Award
  4. Science and Technology Youth Award
  5. Science and Technology Women’s Award
  6. Pragya Pratishthan Science and Technology Promotion Award
  7. Science Teacher Award (Secondary level, 1/1 from each state)
  8. Science and Technology Journalism Award
  9. Outstanding Student Award (Best in Class 11 and 12 for Science subject)
  10. 1 student and 1 student from each province who passed with marks
  11. Dayananda Bajracharya Research Award (Student-1 and Student-1)
  12. Phanindra Prasad Neupane Research Award
  13. Mohandhwaj Basnet Technology Wisdom Award
  14. Bhubaneswar Technology Award
  15. Jeet Bahadur Nakarmi Metal Award
  16. Kazi-Indra Katuwal Agriculture Award

It is requested that no action be taken on the applications and nominations that have not been duly received or expired.
Please see the Nast website for a detailed description of this information.
Last date to apply – 2078 Ashwin 7 (within office hours)
The application form can be downloaded from the Nast website For more information email: or phone no. You can contact at 5547715.

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is an autonomous apex body established in 1982 to promote science and technology in the country. The Academy is entrusted with four major objectives: the advancement of science and technology for all-around development of the nation; preservation and further modernization of indigenous technologies; promotion of research in science and technology; and identification and facilitation of appropriate technology transfer. 

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