Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog ( Province Public Service Commission) Lumbini Province published a job vacancy notice in various posts and services. Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog published Assistant level 4th and 5th level job vacancy for various posts and groups.

As per the decision of the State Government (Council of Ministers), the vacancies in the following services, groups, sub-groups and levels Service have to be filled as per the demand. Details regarding the submission of the application are given in the note.
Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy Notice Details:
Types of Exams
: – Written, group discussions and interviews.
Examination Center: – Lumbini State, Location: Butwal.
Medium of examination: – The medium of examination (language) can be Nepali or English or both Nepali and English.
Application Fee: – The application fee for each advertisement is Rs. 500 will have to be paid. In case of candidate applying for additional advertisement on behalf of inclusive group for the same service / group / sub-group post, additional Rs. 250 additional fee will have to be paid.
Last date to apply: – 2078-06-14 and double fee paid till 2078-06-22.
Age limit of the candidate: – In case of civil service posts, the age of 21 years should not be less than 35 years and in case of women and disabled candidates should not be less than 40 years.
Exam Schedule and Date of Interview: – Notice will be given when the result of the written examination is published.
Details of work to be done in the post: – As specified by the state government regarding service and group.
Salary facility and service condition: – Salary facility and service condition will be the same as the employees working in the state.
Ministry of Services: – Ministries of Lumbini Province operating services, groups and subgroups.

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