Rasuwagadhi Bhotekoshi Hydropower Company Project & Manang Mashyarngdi Hydropower Project published a job vacancy notice for various posts and levels. All the job vacancy details of Hydropower projects are given below. Hydropower Project Job Vacancy ( Jalvidyut Aayojana Pariyojana Job Vacancy Notice).

Job Vacancy Posts & Level Details are: Positions & Required Number
1. Chief Commercial Officer- 1nos
2. Engineer – 2nos
3. Account Manager- 2nos
4. Administration Officer- 11 nos
5. Project Manager- 1 nos

6. Deputy Project Manager- 1nos
7. Manager (Center/site) – 2nos
8. Cheif Finance Officer- 2nos
9. Accountant- 3nos
10. Administrative Chief- 5nos

11. Supervisor- 20 nos
12. Foreman- 20 nos
13. Translator – 4 nos
14. Engineer( Mechanical/ Electrical/ Civil)- 30 nos
15. Technician (Mechanical, Civil Blaster, Electrical Equipment Installation- 100 nos
16. Cook- 2

Rasuwa Bhotekoshi Hydropower Jalvidyut Company Job Vacancy

Manang Mashyarngdi Hydropower Project Company Job Vacancy

Hydropower Project Job Vacancy Notice Details of Various posts & levels. Chief Manager, Officer Level to assistant level & Engineer Job Vacancy Details.

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