Gandaki Pradesh lok sewa aayog job vacancy 4th level & 5th level of various Non Technical & Technical Posts. Gandaki Pradesh Lok Sewa & Gandaki Pradesh Local level job vacancy published by Gandaki Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog. Gandaki Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog published job vacancy notices in various posts. Various Job Vacancy notice published by Pradesh Government. various pradesh gandaki job vacancy for health service.
As the vacancies of Gandaki pradesh lok sewa aayog have to be filled by open competition method (written examination, Practicle and interview) in the service group posts as per the details until the permanent posts are filled.

1.Application Form:
The application form given on the website of Gandaki Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog
2.Documents to be attached with the application form: copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, passport size photo with biodata, S.L.C. Copies of the above educational qualifications, a copy of the renewed council certificate and a certificate of work experience in the relevant field must be submitted.
B. The applicant will have to prove himself/herself on the side of the copy of the certificate submitted with the application.
C.Must have obtained the prescribed educational qualification certificate within the last day of application. If it is necessary to disclose the equivalence, the disclosure document will also have to be submitted. Applications that do not meet the requirements will not be registered.

3.Place of work: Gandaki Pradesh & Local Level of Gandaki Pradesh
4.Application Fee: all the details are given above. will have to be paid for the fourth tier. You have to submit the original voucher along with the application form.
Eligibility to be a candidate:
A.Must be a Nepali citizen.
B.In case of age, it should be in accordance with the prevailing Health Services Act, regulations.
C)Must have not been convicted by the court in cases related to corruption and criminal charges.
D.Not dismissed to be disqualified for future government service.

Apply Gandaki Pradesh Lok Sewa Vacancy & Syllabus of Gandaki pradesh Lok Sewa

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