Free Skill Ful Technical Agriculture Training Application open by CTEVT Project. Nishulka Sipmulak Talim. Golden opportunity of free residential training. Let’s learn skills and become employed. As per the agreement between the Technical Education and Vocational Training Council Competency Project, short-term SIP Mulak free food including residential training will be conducted as per the details.

Interested and eligible Nepali citizens are invited to fill up the application form along with the required documents. Documents to be attached with the form

  1. Photocopy of Nepali citizenship certificate and 2/2 copy of passport size photo
  2. The last date to fill the form – 2078 Mangsir 10
  3. Eligibility: General literacy
  4. Contact date: 2078 Mangsir 12
  5. Place to get application form: Tikapur Polytechnic Tikapur. Kailali Phone: 091-561513 Mobile No: 9868420698, 9858423328

CTEVT Free Skill Full Technical Training List:

  1. Off-season vegetable producer
  2. Fruit Nursery Technician L-1
  3. Organic Vegetable Producer L-1
  4. Mushroom Grower L-1

Features of the training: Special priority will be given to the poor, women, dalits, adivasis and janajatis. SIP test will be arranged after the training. Residential training (including lunch, food, accommodation)

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