Civil Service Hospital ( Nijamati Hospital) published a job vacancy notice for various posts & levels. Nijamati Karmachari Civil Hospital demand various health service staff. Anesthesia Register, Medical Officer & Staff Nurse vacancy post published by Civil Nijamati Hospital.

Civil Hospital (Nijamati Hospital) Job Vacancy Notice details:
Job Vacancy Posts : Anesthesia Register, Medical Officer & Staff Nurse.

About Civil Service Hospital Nijamati Hospital

Civil Service Hospital (CSH) is an autonomous government institution under the Ministry of General Administration (MoGA). The need for such a hospital arose in view of the fact that Nepal Army and Nepal Police employees had hospitals dedicated to them while civil service employees of Nepal Government had none.

Thus, Nepal Government approached the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) with the request to help build Civil Service Hospital (CSH). An agreement to this effect was signed between the Government of Nepal and PRC . CSH is located at Minbhawan, Kathmandu. A seven-member Hospital Board with full executive powers to run the Hospital was constituted by the MoGA and endorsed by The Council Of Ministers. The Hospital Board sets policies and programs during its regular meeting chaired by the Hospital Board Chairman.

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