Nepal Army published vacancy notice regarding Officer Cadet post. All the Vacancy notice are given below. The application has been called for the appointment of a vacant officer cadet in the Nepalese Army through an open and inclusive competition. Qualified Nepalese citizens are invited to submit their application form by submitting their application form online at along with a pint of the application form, at the prescribed enrollment center.

All the Notice of Vacancy details are provide above.

For Syllabus of Officer Cadet Please click below link :

Date and place of submission:

(A) Date of application: Date from 2076/10/23 to 2076/11/06 and double submission date from 2076/11/09 to date 2076/11/15. The office of that period will have to submit the application within the period.

(B) If a public holiday goes on the last date, then the office will be opened later than the day before the application can be submitted and registered.

(C) Location: Shri Bharana Selection Directorate, Jangi Adda, Narayarnahiti North Gate (Shri Nepal Cavalry Playground)

Application Form: All candidates must submit the application form on the open side of the Narayanhiti Northside gate (Dhobichaur). Application Fees Rs. 1000 / – (One Thousand) must be submitted. However, applying for more than one group for the same advertisement will result in an additional 20% rate for each group.

Vacancy Notice Published Date: 2076/10/23