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Nepal Open University published Exam Application form & Exam Routine Notice. All Exam Aabedan form and pariksha taalika are below.

University policy naturally goes with the national education policy, spirit and values. University education is not only relevant to the local context and needs but also should address the world wide university education and research dimensions.

In this context, the main functions of university are construction of knowledge and technology through research and expand this knowledge and technology for innovation. Public funding is made in order to accomplish the main functions of university and therefore there needs transparence, integrity and productivity in fund utilization. For this, there is necessity of guideline, direction and monitoring from the side of government in administration of funds.

However, it is equally important to impart a full academic independence to the higher education institution in providing education and conducting research to the level that does not hamper the national integration and human civilization. In order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives and ensure the responsibility, accountability and academic freedom, the Nepal Open University shall undertake the following policies and programme in general and being focused on some in the year 2074/75 B.S.

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