The National Examination Board, Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur has made public the annual examination schedule of class 12. Rastriya Pariksha Board Class 12 Annual Exam Routine. Class 12 Examination Routine Published by Rastriya Pariksha Board.

According to the Rastriya Pariksha Board (National Examination board)
Class 12 examination is scheduled to start from 9th Mangsir, 2077 BS. Class 12 exam routine.
Exam time: 8 a.m.

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Note: (a) No further arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent from the examination as per the prescribed examination schedule.
(B) Even in case of any emergency leave, the examination shall not be postponed without the prior notice of the Examination Control Office.
(C) Materials such as graph paper, chart, Goshwara voucher, bank cash book required by the examination league should be brought by the examinee himself.
(D) Candidates appearing for Biology subject should use the same answer sheet for Botany and Zoology subject.
(E) The experimental examination of the subjects remaining to be completed by the school shall be conducted internally by the school and submitted to the concerned office of the National Examination Board by 25th Kartik, 2077 BS.
(F) Mobile phones, smart watches and other electronic devices are prohibited in the examination.

(G) As per the rules, only the students who have obtained the admission letter by filling the examination application form will be allowed to participate in the examination.
(H) Candidates undergoing treatment infected with Covid-19 are requested not to participate in the examination. A separate examination will be arranged for such candidates on the basis of Lab report tested by a laboratory recognized by the Government of Nepal.
(I) Candidates who are unable to attend the examination by attending their school in a district other than the district where they have studied due to Covid-19 epidemic may participate in the examination on the basis of the details submitted earlier. For this purpose, all the three districts of Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) should be considered as one district.