National Examination Board Rastriya Pariksha Board (NEB) published Class 12 Exam Result Evaluation Verification Karyabidhi 2077. All the Exam Result Evaluation, Exam Conduct, Management & Verification Karyabidhi 2077 details are given below.

The class 12 examination will be conducted for a short period with social distance and for 40 percent marks.
20 percent of the student’s score will be calculated from the internal assessment and 40 percent from the grade 11 score.

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The board has suggested the option of conducting online examination for 40 percent of the students. The examination will be conducted after various questions were raised on its credibility.
The board is preparing to collect the details of the candidates from outside the district and include them in the examination.

After a long period of homework and confusion, the board on Wednesday made public the schedule for the examination, which will be attended by around five lakh students by the decision of the government of Nepal.

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