Lowest & Cheapest Price Online education learning data pack provided by Nepal Telecom to students by uploading their own Students Identity Card. Data packs are provided for students to study at concessional/ cheapest rates from NTC SIM. To get the cheapest data pack, do the following.

1.First of all, take or scan the photo of your school identity card or admission card on your mobile.
2.Then fill out the KYC form by clicking on the link below –
3.Click on proceed.
4.Type the 1422 watt OTP verification code in all the 3 boxes on your mobile, then click Next. Now the activated message appears.
5.Recharge the required amount.
6.* 1441 # Dialog Take the required volume pack and make sure it is activated. Read the class you want with zoom or ms-teams or google meet.

Click Here to Apply for Cheapest Online Data PACK
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